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Exterior valet

Power rinse, wash with shampoo (silicone free), power rinse, wax polish, wheels cleaned, all plastic and tyres treated, exterior glass polished.

My prices

From pet hair removal to a full valet, you can find all of my prices here. Feel free to contact me to book your car in or if you require more information.

From £30

Interior valet

All carpets and upholstery brushed, vacuumed and shampooed (inclusive of boot area). Leather upholstery cleaned and conditioned (if applicable). All plastics, dashboard, door cars, roof lining and internal glass cleaned.

From £40

Full valet

Both of the above.

From £58

Pet hair

Added extra, depending on severity of hair.

£5 - £10

Leather treatment only

Upholstery cleaned and conditioned.

£15 - £20

Specialist treatments

Compounding (T-Cut), clay bar, fall-out removal, soiled material (e.g. vomit, urine, blood, milk, etc).


Mini valet

Exterior: Power rinse, wash with shampoo (silicone free), power rinse, polish re-glazed. Wheels and tyres cleaned.

Interior: Vacuum, glass polished, dashboard cleaned, rubbish removed.

£25 - Car

£30 - 4x4 and 7 seats

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For more information regarding my vehicle valeting prices in Sheffield, call me on

07754 844 403

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